How Many Bolts Can Chevy Sell Before The Model 3 Is On Sale?

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With the market to itself, the Bolt may sell quite well.

The Chevrolet Bolt has had a tough time. Even though the Bolt looks like it could be a good car, its thunder has been stolen by the recently revealed Tesla Model 3. Tesla received almost 200,000 orders for the Model 3 in just 24 hours. Unfortunately for GM, thanks to some less-than-ideal timing, every review of the Bolt is just going to compare it to the Tesla. The Bolt does have one huge advantage however: it will be ready before the Tesla. This benefit may be enough to help the Bolt sell well in its first sales year.

According to Karl Brauer, a Kelley Blue Book analyst, Chevy will be able to sell between 30,000 and 80,000 units in the Bolt's first year. This is nowhere near the amount of orders that Tesla has on the Model 3, but you never know. Production delays have been a problem for Tesla and could plague Model 3s. The Bolt will be available for $37,000, plus a $7,000 federal incentive, and has a 200 mile range, which can only be matched by much more expensive models from Tesla. The Bolt needs to take advantage of its time alone on the market, but it could be pretty successful for Chevy.

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