How Many Cars Were At the First SEMA Show?

The first SEMA Show was short on cars but big on basements.

It’s about that time again: The annual SEMA Show is upon us. The aftermarket extravaganza seems larger than life every year, but it all started with relative quiet back in 1967. The show’s first venue was a basement, albeit the basement of Dodger Stadium. About 3,000 people showed up and 98 manufacturers had booths. But, how many cars did they show? Take a guess and then check below for the answer. Remember, no cheating!

Hopefully the “high” number of attendees and manufacturers at the first show didn’t throw you off. The correct answer was five. Yes, a whopping five cars were shown at the first SEMA show. Thanks for playing and make sure to check out CarBuzz’s SEMA coverage this week!

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