How Many Cars Were Destroyed In The "Jason Bourne" Las Vegas Chase?

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No special effects required.

It's been nine years since Matt Damon last played the role of Jason Bourne, perhaps the most iconic character of his career. Now that the latest installment in the franchise, conveniently titled "Jason Bourne," is in theaters, one of its producers is giving more specifics about that wicked Las Vegas Strip car chase scene. USA Today spoke to producer Frank Marshall about the big (and expensive) scene, and asked him specifically how many cars were destroyed.

He immediately knew the answer: 170 cars. How did he know so fast? "I counted, I had to pay the bills," Marshall said. "They (the cars) are all in a trash heap somewhere." Marshall didn't provide a precise amount, but hinted that it was close to half-a-million in the manufacturer-provided car costs alone.

The stunts themselves were almost entirely practical, with computers imaging only being used to eliminate safety elements and camera platforms. Even Matt Damon couldn't help himself from watching the live stunt work from his hotel room. The scenes were shot late at night the by second unit night and Damon would stand by his window to see the action, despite a 6 a.m. wake up call for a long day's shoot.The SWAT truck, which plows through the Riviera Hotel & Casino, did survive, but the hotel itself did not. It was slated to be torn down anyway. "I have always wanted to take a building that was going to be demolished and use that in the movie," Marshall added. "So we helped destroy the Riviera."

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