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How Many Cheerleaders Fit in a Citigo?

A team of cheerleaders is used to see if Skoda’s city car can live up to its roomy reputation.

The award-winning Skoda Citigo city car is renowned for its excellent fuel efficiency and Tardis-like dimensions, with a petite body that hides a particularly roomy cabin. But just how roomy is it? It's a question we've often pondered here at the CarBuzz office, and thanks to Xcar we now have the definitive answer, and what better unit of measurement to use than a cheerleader. Lithe, buxom and appropriately attired, the pompom-waving beauties are first crammed into the boot - exceeding our estimations by one.

They then squeeze into the hatchback with considerable aplomb. We won't give away how many ladies fit into the Citigo, but it's a lot more than you think. Answers on a postcard or in the comments section; as you wish.

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