How Many Coins Do You Need To Buy A $100,000 Car?

"A lot" would be most people's guess.

We’ve seen a Range Rover covered in coins, and a Lamborghini Gallardo purchased with Bitcoin, but this might just be the first time anyone has bought a brand new car with coins. Mr. Gan, from China’s Shenyang city, bought a car worth 680,000 yuan (almost $110,000) and paid 660,000 of that with coins. The total weight of the coins was four tons, and stacked up over four meters in height. So was this some sort of publicity stunt or is this guy just an asshole?

Actually, there’s a completely valid reason for the peculiar payment method. Mr. Gan works in a gas station with no banks in the vicinity, so instead of depositing the coins, he collected and stored them himself. We have been receiving the coins for nearly three months. As our station is in the suburb, there are very few banks. Thus, we did not deposit and decided to use them to buy a car for our company,” he explained. Ten employees spent more than one hour moving the coins into the dealership.

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