How Many Girls Fit Into A Pagani Huayra BC?

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The question we've wanted to have answered all along.

Technically Pagani doesn't make a three-seat car, but do you really expect limitations like that to stop eccentric owners of the Huayra BC from using the hypercar exactly how they want? We didn't think so either, and thanks to a handy YouTuber and an ambitious supercar owner, we get to see the hottest Pagani on the market do its best impression of the three-seat McLaren F1. This man effectively turns the hypercar into a swoonmobile like this Aventador owner.

The difference between the Pagani and the Lamborghini is that the Huayra BC is quite a but more rare and valuable than the $400,000 Aventador, costing its owner approximately $2.5 million before the options are piled on. Spotting one is a treat in itself, but two Paganis at a single car show is a moment worth remembering.

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Of course the owner is an older gentleman with a gut, meaning that if you saw him on the streets sans Huayra, you'd wonder why these two women are with him. As for the event itself, the reason so many rare cars showed up to this Sunset GT meet is simply because it takes place in Los Angeles, America's unofficial supercar capital. While the Huayra BC and the "standard" Huayra that tails it are examples of some of the finest automotive craftsmanship available, they are far from the only rare cars to show up. Also in attendance are a pair of Koenigseggs, a Ferrari LaFerrari, a McLaren P1 GTR, and of course a slew of more pedestrian vehicles like Porsche 911Rs, Lamborghinis, and of course, cute dogs.

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