How Many M Logos Are On The 2015 BMW M3? (Tip: There's More Than 50!)


Just in case you forgot what you're driving.

It's not something you've probably given a lot of thought to, but Car and Driver deemed it a worthwhile exercise to count the number of "M" badges / stampings on the new 2015 BMW M3. The premise of the enquiry was to see just how anal carmakers are about ensuring owners know exactly what they're driving. Looking for any M badge that was in plain sight, the M3 was put on a lift to check its underside and they 39 M stamps were found, with 20 alone appearing on the rear suspension.

One each on the brake caliper, brake, and 20-inch wheels accounted for another 12, while the body carried four – specifically on the grille, decklid, and fender vents. Add to that those found under the hood (including on the radiator, drip rail and headlight brackets), and in the cabin (front door sill, steering wheel, shift knob, front-seat backrest etc.) and the final tally comes to a ridiculous 67. Anyone out there know of a car with more?

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