How Many Miles Can You Pack Into A 2006 Honda Civic?

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Honda fanatic HondaPro Jason has accomplished something truly remarkable.

Honda is known for building ultra-reliable cars that seem to last forever if looked after properly, and a certainblue 2006 Civic is the perfect example of how its vehicles can go beyond what is expected of a daily driven family sedan. There are numerous news articles floating around the internet speaking of million mile Hondas, but according to social media influencer HondaPro Jason, this one takes the cake.

HondaPro Jason
HondaPro Jason

What makes this humble Honda Civic so great is the fact that it has traveled over a million miles on the original drive train; that means original engine and transmission! Honda expert and social media influencer HondaPro Jason recently shared a post on his Facebook page announcing the feat of engineering endurance, which was met with hundreds of Honda fans sending photos of their odometer approaching similar numbers. The blue FA-generation Civic reached the milestone on 22 September, when its odometer reached its max reading of 999,999 miles.

After some digging, it was revealed that the Civic in question was purchased from a Honda dealership in Marion Ohio and has been in possession of the same owner ever since. The exact mileage of the car is unclear, as the odometer is limited to just under a million miles, but by making use of the trip computer it is estimated that this legend of a Civic has covered 1,001,043 miles at last reading.

HondaPro Jason
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According to the service manager over at Mathews Honda in Marion Ohio, the Civic has been serviced by them since day one, and despite the high number has only had one serious repair job when its head gasket failed around the 500,000-mile mark. Other than that, it followed the regular maintenance schedule. The service manager continued by stating that the owner has no plans of selling his beloved Civic, and the dealership has plans to get the veteran all the way to Honda North America's headquarters in Torrance, California to showcase Honda's legendary build quality and design.

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Source Credits: HondaPro Jason

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