How Many More Special Colors Will Debut For The McLaren P1?


It seems like a good paint job is how you make an already exclusive car stand out that little more.

The McLaren P1 is one of the best supercars ever created, it features some of the most amazing lines with what is arguably the best looking shape made to date. While these cars come from the factory in some standard paint colors, McLaren Special Operations is there to cater for the whims of new owners, most of whom want to be different from the rest. The latest awesome color was spotted by 16 year old photographer Henry Wood on the streets of London.

The intense purple color is reportedly called K Purple and we like it, a lot. It helps that the paint is seen on one of the increasingly ordered exposed carbon fiber versions of the P1 instead of the 'normal' McLaren P1. For us, the color seen here puts this P1 in the running for the Best Paint Job on a McLaren alongside the chameleon P1 spotted in California recently and the custom Junaid Red P1 that's based in Bahrain. While it does look good and has a fancy name, it could also just be described as... red. These painted McLarens are just amazing, but the best of the lot still has to be the green P1, and that's not even painted.

The easily noticeable green McLaren P1 was the first one to go to a private owner, and he made sure his would be a little more special than the rest. For his car, it was left as exposed carbon fiber, but it was given a green tint before being covered in a few layers of transparent green lacquer. It's pure awesomeness, the only thing we'd change on the car is the wheels, there really is such a thing as too much green. Full carbon fiber wheels would finish it off just right, but until then, it's still at the top of the P1 color list.

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