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How Many States Ban Tesla Sales?


Not every state is buying what Elon Musk is selling.

Michigan recently made news for banning Tesla direct sales. You can still buy a Tesla there, but you’d need to go online to do so. Michigan wasn’t the first state to ban manufacturer store sales and likely won’t be the last. That leads us to today’s trivia question: How many states have Tesla sale bans in place? As always, leave your answer in the comment section and don’t even think of Googling/asking your friend who works for Mr. Musk.

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So, what did you come up with? Michigan is part of a select club made up of only six members: Michigan, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina and Virginia. The laws don’t specifically target Tesla as all manufacturers aren’t allowed to sell directly to consumers from stores. Also, you can still visit a Tesla store in these states but you can’t be told about pricing or take a test drive. Progress, people.