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How Many Supercars Can You Spot in London?

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The UK capital is just a treasure trove of supercars.

London may just be the best place on the planet to see supercars. Upmarket Knightsbridge appears to be where all the action is, no surprise given it's the capital's wealthiest area. In other words, it's the place where all of those young Saudi rich kids come out to play. In a challenge to see who can spot the most supercars in only two hours, our friend Shmee150 goes up against fellow car spotter Rory Reid. And it doesn't take long until one of these guys makes a discovery.

As the two continue with their contest, they encounter everything from numerous Ferraris and Lamborghinis, to a couple of Aston Martins, even a KTM Xbow and Pagani Huayra. All told they came across more than 50 supercars, yet no Bugatti Veyrons. So where is your next vacation going to be?

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