How Many Tons Of Stone Did It Take To Fill The Corvette Museum Sinkhole?


Guess and you get a prize. Seriously, but not from us.

Last February, a massive sinkhole swallowed eight rare cars at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Most of us know the whole story by now. Those eight Corvettes, also called the "The Great Eight," had to be removed from the depths of the 30-foot sinkhole, but only three of them are being restored. The remaining five were damaged beyond repair. And for a time, the Corvette Museum was cashing in on the sinkhole's celebrity. Really.

There was even some discussion at one point not to fill the hole because of the cash cow it had become. People came to the museum specifically to see the hole in the Skydome. However, it was still deemed unsafe and work began last August to repair the hole.

And now we're being provided an update on the construction process by project manager Zach Massey. In the video ahead, he announces a contest: the person who correctly guesses the number of tons it took to fix the hole receives a price. There are only a couple of days left until the contest ends on February 12, so take a wild guess and submit it.

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