How Much Did 160 MPH Over The Speed Limit Cost This GT-R Driver?


And is this ticket even real?

If true, this is easily one of the most incredible speeding tickets ever issued. It comes to us from redditor PM_ME_BUNZ and was issued in Kansas. The original poster wasn't given the ticket, which is the first knock against its validity. The next knock is the outrageous speed at which the driver was going: 215 mph in a 55 mph zone! That's pretty insane, even for the Nissan GT-R listed on the ticket. So why aren't we calling bull crap on this? There are a few things that seem just crazy enough to make this legit.


Well, the punishment does seem to fit the crime, in this case a fine of $2,255 for speeding on what was likely a lonely Kansas road in the middle of nowhere. The car also seems legit as we ran its plate through Carfax and got back a "2015 Nissan GT-R Premium Black" registered in Kansas. Also, the ticket lists the speed being captured on radar, meaning a cop in a Crown Victoria didn't need to chase this guy down. Of course Photoshop works wonders and while GT-Rs are quick, 215 mph isn't exactly easy for them to hit unless they're modded like hell. Let us know if you think this is real or b.s. in the comments.

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