How Much Does The Destruction In Fast And Furious Cost In Real Life?


Tallying up the damage caused in the Fast and Furious movies would be a nightmare for insurance companies.

Since it started in 2001, the long-running Fast and Furious movie franchise has become renowned for its destructive action set-pieces, which have destroyed copious amounts of cars and caused untold property damage. But have you ever wondered how much the inflicted damage would cost in real life? Well, Insure The Gap watched all seven action-packed movies and has taken the trouble to work it out. Let’s just say the bill would be a nightmare for insurance companies.

With the help of classic car consultant Nacho Llacer who valuated the expensive on-screen cars, Insure The Gap discovered that the total bill for the property damage caused throughout the Fast and Furious films would be $527 million in real life. And that’s not counting the upcoming eighth film in the franchise, The Fate of the Furious, which will feature one of the most destructive action scenes in the series yet involving dozens of AI controlled cars battering New York. Some of the statistics make for interesting reading. In seven films, 169 regular cars were destroyed, 142 were damaged and 37 ‘special’ vehicles were destroyed, including custom cars, race cars, and even a tank.

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The most expensive vehicle destroyed was the Lykan Hypersport when it smashed through skyscrapers in Furious 7, valued at around $3.5 million. 53 buildings were also damaged, 31 were destroyed, and an additional 432 items were damaged. And as the series progressed, the increased focus on hi-octane action meant that the cost of the damage increased in each sequel. The Fate of the Furious has a tough act to follow, let alone Fast and Furious 9 and 10.