How Much Horsepower Can One Dutch Circuit Contain?

If Holland keeps this up, Belgium will be calling to complain about the noise.

Though it may not be as cocky about it as some other countries thatwe've come to link to supercar and hypercar ownership, the Netherlands isactually home to some of the world's hottest, fastest and most powerful cars. Throw in some visitors fromneighboring countries, close off the TT Circuit in Assen for a day, and you'vegot yourself a Supercar Sunday that will blow you mind away. And with so muchpower packed onto a single track at one time, we wouldn't be surprised ifHolland's neighbors would soon start to complain about the noise.

Just some of the guests at this incredible event included a VeyronVitesse WRC, Ferrari F40 and LaFerrari, a mad array of Koenigseggs, a brand-newGT3 RS, an SLS AMG GT3, Jon Olsson's RS6 DTM, Porsches like the 918 Spyder,Carrera GT and a brand-new GT3 RS and many more. Check out this incredible event:

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