How Much Is A Brand New 2005 Ford GT Worth Today?

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Total mileage: 104. She's perfect.

Although Ford recently extended production of its GT supercar, we should not forget that supercar's predecessor, built from 2004 until 2006, is legendary in its own right. For starters, it has a supercharged 5.4-liter V8 spitting out 550 hp. Oh, and it also has a six-speed manual gearbox directing all of that power to the rear wheels. This first generation Ford GT was one of the last and greatest analog supercars. We miss it dearly.

Fortunately, it's not particularly hard to find one in the used market and, generally speaking, owners have kept them in top shape. But like any used car, they'll have the typical wear and tear. To add to that, these GT's didn't always have the best reliability reputation. Just ask Jeremy Clarkson.

But how much would a new first gen Ford GT cost today? And when we say 'new' we mean literally no mileage. Fresh out of the box, or rather the dealership. Well, here's your answer: $449,900. This 2005 Ford GT, up for sale at Hawk Ford of St. Charles, Illinois has never been driven, unless you count the 104 miles on its odometer as real driving. Somehow, for some reason, this GT was never sold. It's damn near.

Painted Mark IV Red Clearcoat and an Ebony Black interior with leather sport bucket seats, this '05 GT can be yours if you've got that kind of cash laying ride.

An online search for similar GTs reveals somewhat varied pricing, sometimes as low as $255,000 but, of course, there'll be greater mileage. It's a tradeoff. Others are listed for upcoming auctions, so who knows how high bidders will be willing to go. Or you could call it a day and buy this one. We doubt its price tag will be negotiable. And in case you're wondering, a first generation Ford GT like this one had an original MSRP of $149,995, without options and dealer markups. Do the math and a first gen Ford GT costs $299,901 more today than it did 13 years ago.

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