How Much Is A Porsche Owned By Steve McQueen's Mistress Really Worth?

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It's a classic but she was the side chick...

Steve McQueen owned many, many nice cars. There was the Ferrari 275 GTB4, his beautiful Jaguar XKSS and a lot more, many of which have been auctioned off. Now a 1971 Porsche 911T from his vast collection is headed to Paris to be auctioned off. The car was purchased from Swiss driver Jo "Seppi" Siffert during the production of the film "Le Mans." It was then gifted to Elga Anderson, his co-star and temporary mistress during filming. After Anderson's death in 1994 the classic Porsche had two more owners.

Now it will have a new owner, hopefully not someone's mistress. The car reads 28,000 miles on the clock and is reported to be in pristine condition. Expect it to sell for between $280,000 and $400,000. But with that fact that McQueen owned this very clean car with low miles, there's a chance it might sell for more than that. We hope whoever buys the King of Cool's iconic sports car will take good care of it and actually drive it.

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