How Much Is The Back To The Future BMW Really Worth?

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Good luck hitting 88 mph in this Hollywood car.

Jeff Chabotte, a Connecticut resident, recently listed his 1976 BMW 633 CSI for sale online at a price of $10,000. Perhaps this sounds a little steep at first, but this machine is far from your stock 633 CSI BMW. The particular car just happened to belong to the character Griff Tannen in the film "Back to the Future II." In terms of appearance, this one-of-a-kind piece of Hollywood memorabilia could be described as "polarizing." That being said the car underwent a restoration of the interior and paint in 2004, so there's that.

This unique Bimmer has 74,000 miles on the odometer, not bad for a 1976 car, and has recently been restored to running condition. The engine is a 3.5-liter six-cylinder matched to a manual transmission. If you're looking for a mint collector's piece, you might want to look elsewhere. This movie car has a broken taillight lens, but it was busted by none other than Griff himself while the sequel to "Back to the Future" was being filmed. The owner of the car states in the ad that the buyer will be responsible for transportation costs. Sure, it may not be a DeLorean, but at least you wouldn't be completely lying if you said you had the Car from "Back to the Future." Photo credit: Christopher Rutkowski.

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