How Much Nitrous Can A Stock Engine Take Before Turning Into A Grenade?

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Remember kids, performance enhancing drugs can be fun but deadly.

Classic scenes from the Fast and Furious movie series include those instances when Paul Walker was losing a drag race by a few lengths before reaching down to hit the nitrous. Usually the rest of the race was a cakewalk after that, but as we all know it doesn't always end well for the engine when the power boost is more than the pistons and rods can handle. That's why one must be prudent when applying nitrous to an engine. Thanks to David Freiburger of Motor Trend, we now know what the limit is.

To find it, Freiburger takes a stock Chevy 305 engine and gradually adds more nitrous to it until it finally kicks the bucket. As much as this experiment seems like a waste of a perfectly good engine, it's at least helpful to know what the limits are to prevent more motors from exploding.

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