How Much Of A Difference Does 1 Second Make From 0-60 MPH?

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This is important to know. You know, now that a 1.9-second Tesla is on its way.

High off of his ride in the new and absurd Tesla Roadster, our presenter from the DragTimes YouTube channel emerged from the cockpit of the electric hypercar with one question in mind: how do I find a way to get the human brain to comprehend just how fast the Roadster's 1.9 second 0-60 mph time is? Numbers can only go so far in explaining things. What works better is to compare the EV to other fast cars to get an idea of how effectively it lays them to waste.

Unfortunately, the $200,000 Roadster is still not available to the general public, and even being in Musk's good graces can't get our host to let Tesla lend him one. So instead he decides to show us how much of a difference a single second of disparity between 0-60 mph times makes in a drag race.

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To do so, he commits to some Tesla cannibalism by pitting the Model S 100D and the Model S P100D against one another for research purposes. The results are something that need to be seen for accurate comparison, but the race brings up a few good points about racing electric cars that should be taken into account if Tesla's dream of curb stomping the internal combustion engine and letting batteries rule the world comes true. One is the noise. As one commenter mentioned, this could go down as the most silent drag race in history, with most of the noise coming from the squeal of low rolling resistance tires. The other is to make us wonder if the difference is worth the $36,000 price gap.


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