How Much Will This Porsche 959K Fetch At An Auction?

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It's a heavily modified model of one of the world's rarest vehicles.

The Porsche 959is a vehicle that needs no introduction, but for those that are unfamiliar withthe vehicle, here’s a quick recap. It was Porsche’s first supercar and was oneof the best cars ever engineered. Besides decimating other Group B rally cars,the 959 was one of the world’s fastest production cars. Only 337 units of this ultra-rare beauty were built over the vehicle's short life span of three years, which makes this modified 1987Porsche 959 Komfort even more noteworthy.

After five years of grueling work and an $180,000 budget, Bruce Canepa has taken this 959 Komfort and converted it to meet the "Sport" specification, as well as making it road legal. The result of Canepa’smeticulous work is a 959 that produces 576 hp, which is much more than the stock450 hp, weighs a couple hundreds pounds lighter, has adjustable suspensioncomponents and meets California’s strict emission standards. Other modifications includea coat of black paint on the stock rims and a conspicuous aftermarket amplifiedin the trunk.

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From the outside, the vehicle looks stunning, but does heavily modifying a rare supercar make it more valuable? Bonhams thinks so as the British auction house expects this specific 959 to bring in $1 million to $1.25 million. Last year an unmolested 959 Komfort sold for $776,890. A 959 is already hard to come by, but one that is road legal and, arguably, better than a stock version is even more unique. Let us know in the comments below if you think this modified 959 is worth more than $1 million.