How Much Will You Pay for the M3/M4?

US Pricing leaked online for BMW’s hottest new models.

With the M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe reveled at last January’s Detroit Auto Show, Americans have been patiently waiting to hear just how much these hot new models will set them back. With pricing finally leaked, the M3 Sedan gets a $5,350 price-hike over the previous model, so a 'stripped-down', option-less model will start at $62,925. Option it up and it starts getting really pricey: carbon ceramic brakes cost $8,150; the Driver Assistance Package - $1,900 and the Executive Package runs $4,300.

Taking away two doors will actually bump the base price on the M4 to $65,125, up $2,800 from the previous M3 Coupe. Alloy wheels will add $1,200, and an Adaptive M Suspension costs an even $1,000. But wait, there’s more: an optional seven-speed M DCT dual-clutch transmission will tack on $2,900 to either model. Also, the M3/M4 should both be liable for gas guzzler tax, a $1,300 addition on the outgoing M3. Are they worth the price? With 0-60mph times of 3.9-seconds (automatic) and 4.1 (in the manual) and top speeds of 155 or 174mph (with optional M Driver’s Package), we’re sure buyers will be speeding to line up for both models.

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