How Much Would A 911 R Built For Performance Go For Out Of The Box?

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We built one and it's a bit more expensive than the base model.

We all know the 911 R has a level of expectation that's thicker than its original paint, possibly even thicker than its price. At first glance the car is all about speed. It comes with a manual, 500 naturally aspirated horsepower out of a 4.0-liter flat-six, and will hit 60 mph in about 3.7 seconds according to the website. Porsche also claims an impressive top speed of 200 mph. What's fair to say is the 911 R is not about being practical. Porsche can't even estimate the fuel consumption rate.

At least, it hasn't yet been published on the official website. Not only that, the car starts at a staggering $184,900. For us that just wasn't enough though. We took it a step further with the configurator, and decided to spend even more hypothetical money, but only on performance. When you go to build your 911 R on Porsche's website, there's something offered called a "lightweight battery" ($2,300). Now there is some credence to lend, because the battery is made of lithium ion which is a lightweight battery compared to the more common lead-acid based. Among other performance options is what Porsche calls a single-mass flywheel, with a reinforced clutch ($3,650). Sounds like a winner, as clutches do have a limit as to how much torque they can take.

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Another performance option is called a "front axle lift system ($3,490), which is a feature that lifts the front end of the car in order to better get past speed bumps. The final piece of the 911 R performance puzzle is what's called a Sport Chrono Package ($1,920). The package comes with a performance display, digital and analog stopwatches and a sport mode button. All in all these are pretty decent features to have. Worth an extra $11,360? That's your call. The total price, for our 911 R comes out to $197,310, according to the website. Really the question to ask is, does a $184,000 Porsche, one of the world's foremost authorities on performance cars, really need better parts?