How Much Would You Pay for a 2015 Nissan 370Z?

Official pricing has just been announced for this year.

Although a replacement is due to arrive in the near future, Nissan has just announced pricing for its 2015 370Z. The base coupe, equipped with a six-speed manual and a 332-horsepower 3.7-liter V6 will start at $30,800. Anyone who wants an automatic will have to pay an additional $1,300. Of course, once you start adding on the optional packages, the price goes up fast. The 370Z Coupe Sport will base at $34,380 and the 370Z Coupe Sport Tech runs for $37,880.

The top-end Touring trim starts at $38,780. The 370Z Roadster, on the other hand, carries a base price of $42,630 – and that only comes with the seven-speed automatic. Anyone who wants a Roadster with a manual will have to upgrade to the Touring trim, and that costs at least $46,080. The 370Z Roadster Touring Sport, with the manual, begins at $48,910. Yeah, definitely not cheap. Then there’s the 370Z Coupe Nismo. It carries a base price of $42,800, and the Nismo Tech package increases the price to $46,300. If you do a quick check, you’ll notice the base Nismo is actually $1,030 cheaper than last year.

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