How Much Would You Pay For This Martini 918 Spyder?

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With just 188 miles on the clock, this car is good as new.

As we have seen over the last few years, rare supercars and hypercars have an extraordinary ability for appreciating once they are driven off the lot and as they exchange ownership further down the line. Of course, that is because of the insane waiting lists (assuming the car's production run hasn't been filled) and because so few of them ever exchange hands. Now, a rare 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder, complete with the Weissach package and this killer Martini livery, has gone up for sale through Marshall Goldman Motorsales.

Located in Warrensville, Ohio, the 918 comes with the Weissach package's carbon-fiber wing, front splitter, diffuser and rear bumper fins. It is also set apart by its black wheels with green outer rims and green brake calipers. The hypercar is painted white with the addition of the awesome Martini livery, while the interior is mostly black with bright green touches. Not long ago, we showed you an equally striking 918 Spyder with the same Weissach package which was on sale for over $2,000,000. The Ohio dealer selling the current example hasn't stated its price, but with just 188 miles on the clock, we assume he could get as pretty a penny for his example. How much would you pay for this beauty?

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