How On Earth Is This Porsche 959 Replica Worth Over $335,000?


Perhaps because it's based off a 993 Turbo.

Only 337 examples of its kind exist, and this is not one of them, though it may look like a genuine Porsche 959. What you're looking at it is an excellent 959 replica up for sale on James Edition for $335,872. So, where does the fake-ness begin? That's easy, it's really a 1995 Porsche 993 Turbo underneath, engine and all. Aside from the altered body, this 993 911 Turbo has just 58,000 miles on its clock. Under the rear lid is the familiar flat-six with 359 hp, though the actual 959 has 444 ponies. Fortunately, the original 993 manual gearbox remains as well.

The listing claims the 993 Turbo to fake 959 conversion was done in 1998, and it remains in perfect condition today. We have to admit that the bodywork is pretty good and, aside from some of the more intricate details and wheels, this could easily past for a real 959. The interior, also pure 993, features red and black leather with red accent stitching and even carbon fiber accents. There's also a fully functioning air conditioner, power windows, radio and alarm. Now, that price. It's way too high, despite everything and, well, because of the body conversion. Why would anyone want to spend this amount on a car that's nothing more than an excellent replica?

It's also located in Spain so you'd likely have to deal with shipping costs as well. No matter what it's not the real deal. A Porsche 993 Turbo is a wonderful thing but do yourself a favor if you're in the market for one: buy one that's genuine. If you want a real 959, be prepared to fork over more than $1 million. Photos courtesy of James Edition.

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