How Quickly Would You Sell Your SUV For This Tuned Mercedes-AMG C63S Wagon?


Wimmer just created the family car of your dreams.

American automotive enthusiasts have to be psyched that hot hatches are coming back into vogue, but one type of car that is still Europe-only is the sport wagon. That's a damn shame, especially when you come across things like this Wimmer-tuned Mercedes-AMG C63S wagon. Yeah, it hauls ass but it also fits the family and some groceries, so it's technically practical. Wimmer has worked with the AMG C63 wagon before, but that was a few years back. Personally, we like its most recent creation better.

WIMMER Rennsporttechnik

Outside there's not much going on, aside from the 19-inch BBS wheels. We don't mean that in a bad way, of course. This wagon is already plenty badass in stock form and might actually lose a bit of menace if it were covered in a ton of carbon-fiber parts or a ridiculous wrap. The real action happens under the hood, where an ECU remap and stainless steel exhaust bump the engine's power output to 640 horses. KW coilovers complete the list of add-ons. It took Americans a few years of pissing and moaning to get the hot hatch revival started and it may take many more to get sport wagons back in dealerships. But if this example from Wimmer is any indication then the wait and whining will be worth it.

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