How RPM Technik Managed to Improve the Porsche 911

It's called the 911 CSR, and it appears to be one hell of a bargain.

The founders of UK-based Porsche 911 improvement shop, RPM Technik, aren’t about adding more power. They’re fully aware that 911s produce sufficient horsepower and torque figures as is. Instead, what these guys do is make a track day 911 even better in terms of components and overall handling. Think of a 911 GT3, only easier to drive and without the risk of smashing your teeth. The result is the 911 CSR. It’s the performance shop’s own take on the 911.

Featuring a custom-built exhaust, carbon fiber ducktail, rebuilt engine, and other upgrades, the 911 CSR literally looks like it rolled off the Stuttgart factory floor. Only it didn’t. That’s because these guys aren’t about being flashy. They’re just trying to build the best possible track day/ daily driver 911 possible. XCAR gets behind the wheel of one to see if that’s true.

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