How Stupid Do You Have To Be To Buy This Tripped-Out Corvette?

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There are no words.

Where to begin with this one? For starters, this 1971 Chevrolet C3 Corvette T-Top was up for sale on eBay until just a few days ago. The listing was taken down supposedly due to an error. We think it was really because nobody had any intention to buy it; zero bids were placed. Yes, this thing is bright green with a yellow basecoat. It literally looks like something that could have appeared in a 70s porno. The interior? Entirely covered in gold velvet, from the seats to the dash. Oh yeah.

There's even 450 buttons sewn into those seats. Power comes from a 454 cubic inch V8 with two-four barrel carburetors, but there's something you'll really want to know about that: the car doesn't even run. The asking price? $10,000. No wonder why nobody was interested in this "project car." The restoration work alone could cost more than that price. Even that psychedelic exterior paint needs some touching up. The seller claimed the car "has potential." Clearly no one else felt the same.

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