How The Hell Did This Jeep Not Tip Over Backwards?

Let's just say gravity worked in its favor this time.

It turns out that old World War II era Willys Jeeps are great for performance modifications. Sure, they’re also fun off-roaders, but this guy has proven to us that old school Jeeps might even be able to achieve lift. What’s his secret? For starters, he dropped in a 4.8-liter V8 with a supercharger. That’ll definitely add something in anything that already doesn’t weigh all that much. And then the guy went the nitrous route. Yeah, he added a ton of it for plenty of extra boost. The result?

Without question this is one of the craziest and fastest Jeeps we’ve ever seen. Quite frankly we’re shocked that it doesn’t tip over backwards on the drag strip. In this case, it only hit its rear bumper.

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