How The Hell Do You Cheat Death When Something Like This Happens?

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It's not just luck.

The guy behind this little trick describes it as teleportation. The better and more accurate description here is that it's an illusion. It's still pretty damn cool though. Meet German illusionist Cody Stone, and we'll admit that the guy is talented, not to mention ballsy. Or is he? This really can't be considered an outright physical stunt because, well, it's an illusion. That's the whole point. And we have absolutely no clue how he managed to make it look like that oncoming Range Rover Evoque somehow didn't turn him into a human pancake.

We even watched the video a few times to see if we could spot anything suspicious, but to no avail in the end. Check out how this guy supposedly cheated death by literally dodging that Evoque.

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