How The Hell Does This Happen? Because They're Russians

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A Subaru + speeding + vodka = disaster.

We've long known that messed up things happen in Russia. But to Russians it's apparently just everyday living. So, good luck with all of that, as well as this: a Russian Subaru driver somehow managed to crash into a second story balcony. Fortunately physics once again provides the answer. The driver, obviously, was going way too fast down the street, lost control and crashed into a tree. The impact of which threw the Subie onto the roof of an old Toyota van parked closed by.

From there, inertia once again took over by throwing the Subie into the air, crashing into the balcony on the second floor of an apartment building. It then came crashing down, well, upside down, onto the street below. Somehow, no one was killed, but the driver and passenger of the Subaru were hospitalized, one of them in intensive care. Oh yeah, one more thing: sources say they were drunk.

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