How The Hell Does This Suzuki Not Flip After A Brutal Nurburgring Crash?


Sometimes physics seems to break its own laws.

Racing is a dangerous sport, and there aren’t many places where you learn that more quickly than at the Nurburgring, which didn’t get nicknamed “Green Hell” by chance. It’s arguably one of the most dangerous and testing racetracks on Earth, and following the death of a spectator during an unfortunate accident, the track regulators placed speed limits through some of its more dangerous sections. Once those were lifted, an ultra-rare Koenigsegg One:1 christened the barriers with its paint.

The rare hypercar is far from the only one as this Suzuki Swift shows us with a violent but lucky accident.

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Here we see the small Swift passing the apex of a corner with too much speed, forcing it onto the grass. After colliding with the barrier at a seemingly controllable pace, it bounces off and spins, heading nose first towards the opposite barrier. The metal barrier flexes, absorbing the crash energy and sending it right back at the Suzuki, which promptly launches into the air back towards the barrier it initially crashed on. Miraculously, it avoids flipping onto its roof even though the angle at which it flew into the air suggested that a rollover was imminent. Luckily for the driver, the experience seemed more like a wild ride than a danger to life.