How The Hell Was This Guy Allowed To Drive The Aston Martin DB10?

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We'll admit our jealousy outright.

A short time ago, a select group of journalists were invited to get behind the wheel of the Aston Martin DB10. Bond's latest and, without question, one of his best cars ever, also offers us a glimpse as to what AM designers have in mind for future production models, beginning with the DB11. And since only 10 DB10s were made for filming, one of which will be auctioned off for charity, driving one is a real privilege. In that case, shouldn't only the best of the best in the industry be allowed some time at the wheel? Chris Harris? Jeremy Clarkson?

Our friends at XCAR? Nope. XCAR was only allowed to stand and stare. Instead, Brett Berk from Vanity Fair got some driving time. He's a great writer but…Vanity Fair?! Why not an actual car publication? Just wondering.

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