How The Huayra R Will Inspire Pagani's New C10 Hypercar

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Like the Zonda R, the Huayra R is a testbed for its upcoming new model.

Pagani's fitting swansong for its phenomenal Huayra hypercar was unveiled today in the shape of the ludicrous track-only Huayra R. Ahead of the car's reveal, we spoke with Pagani about the new model and what's going to come next.

The just-unveiled 2022 Pagani Huayra R derives its power from a specially developed 6.0-liter V12 from HWA AG. This racing-inspired engine delivers a staggering 850 horsepower with a stratospheric 9,000 rpm redline. There's only one major downside to the Huayra R and its magnificent engine: you can only use it on a race track.

The Huayra R is not street-legal, and Pagani has no desire to alter that. We asked Pagani if it might offer a street-legal conversion, like what we've seen with other track special hypercars. Alas, the company told us that "this car was born for track only, and it is not our intention to change it."

Ditto for the 6.0-liter V12 engine. "This engine is not compliant with emission/homologation protocols," Pagani told CarBuzz. Although the Huayra R may never drive on a public road, some elements from it will make it to Pagani's next road-legal hypercar, codenamed the C10.

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Much like how the Zonda R served as a testbed for the Huayra and went on to inspire many of Pagani's current innovations, the Huayra R will go on to inspire future vehicles.

"Huayra R is a new car-laboratory, the result of one of the most intense design and experimental moments the atelier has ever experienced, which allowed the team to develop a whole universe of knowledge and innovative technical solutions that will be applied to the future generation of Pagani vehicles," Pagani told us.

"A tradition that has its roots in the extreme research and development project that was later known as the Zonda R, presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009, and which allowed the Pagani team to further develop its engineering know-how and knowledge of vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics and performance."

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Details on Pagani's Huayra successor are still under lock and key, but the Italian automaker did tell us that the upcoming C10 will benefit from the intense development work that went into the Huayra R, namely its new structural carbon fiber for the bodywork and interior, the suspension arms, and the upright architectures.

As a reminder, the Huayra R features forged aluminum alloy independent double-wishbone suspension with helical springs, electronically controlled shock absorbers, and adaptive dampers. The suspension setup is designed for maximum driving stability on a wide variety of race tracks.

So the Huayra's replacement may not benefit from the R's incredible naturally aspirated V12, but it should be one of the best-handling hypercars in the world when it arrives within the next few years.

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