How the McLaren 650S Differs from the 12C

Once and for all: the 650S is NOT a facelifted 12C.

From a side profile, the new McLaren 650S looks strikingly similar to the 12C. Nope. You can’t be fooled here. So yeah, the 650S is clearly based off the 12C, but as we’ve also previously reported, it’s quite an improvement. With Geneva now over, McLaren wants to be sure we know how different the two cars are in terms of performance and features. This is when a simple video interview explanation comes in handy.

But don’t call it a refreshed 12C. There were just too many improvements throughout to do that. It’s really an evolution. And yet we’re still asking ourselves why there’s even a need for the 12C? If you’re going to spend major sums on a supercar from McLaren, wouldn’t you want to get the best?

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