How The Volkswagen ID.4's Clever New Tech Will Save Lives

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VW shows how its safety tech can come in handy in life and death situations.

Like many automakers, Volkswagen offers a suite of advanced driver assists that make driving safer and more convenient. VW calls its safety suite "IQ.Drive", which includes a plethora of help including lane keep assist, forward collision warning, emergency braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, and a blind-spot monitor. In most 2021 VW models like the new Taos SUV, IQ.Drive is optionally available for base trims and equipped in higher trims as standard. The Volkswagen ID.4, however, is the first model in the US equipped with IQ.Drive as standard across the board with systems that can detect obstacles, monitor surroundings, and provide semi-autonomous driving.

To demonstrate the advantages of IQ.Drive, VW has revealed some unique scenarios where the technology can enhance the driving experience.


To make driving more comfortable during long-distance journeys, the IQ.Drive's Travel Assist activates a semi-autonomous system that uses a camera and sensors to keep the car centered in its lane and maintain a preset distance from the car in front. This assist will only work, however, if both the driver's hands are detected on the wheel.

Even without Travel Assist activated, IQ.Drive will keep the car in the lane at over 37 mph if there are clear lane markings on the road. Thanks to its blind spot assist, the IQ.Drive system will also alert you if you attempt to change lanes when a vehicle is in your blind spot. If you continue changing lanes after being alerted, the system can counter-steer to help avoid a potential accident.

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By monitoring traffic, IQ.Drive can warn you of a potential rear-end collision with a vehicle in front. The system then increases the brake pressure or fully applies the brakes if you don't react to the warning. Likewise, the system will warn you if a pedestrian is crossing and brake automatically if the driver is unresponsive in certain scenarios.

If you are backing out of a narrow driveway onto a busy street but the view is obstructed by walls or parked cars, sensors can alert you to cars passing behind and apply the brakes if required. Finally, if you become unable to drive, the system monitors the steering wheel and activates alerts if it detects your hands are not on the wheel. Failing to respond to the alerts will cause the system to bring the car to a controlled stop.

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