How to Be Naughty in a Ferrari 288 GTO

The answer: drifting, donuts, and figure 8s.

The 288 GTO is one of the most beloved and sought after Ferraris ever built. Just 272 examples were made from 1984 until 1987. And collectors today are more than willing to fork over millions of dollars in order to have the opportunity to add one to their collection. But would they be willing to drive it in the dirt and dust like it was designed to do? How about a few figures 8s? Drifting and donuts? We doubt many would allow it, but not this owner.

Thanks to Tax the Rich, this 288 GTO goes for a little spin spec-b rallying style. Forget how much it may be worth, this GTO is both gorgeous and ferocious at the same time. Only three Ferraris have the honor of having "GTO" in their name, and the 288 GTO is more than worthy.

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