How To Be The Track Master You've Dreamed Of Being

In a non-video game setting.

Driving a car on the track is very different than pretending to do the same while playing some video game. It’s a fact. So what should be your next goal after mastering Grand Turismo or The Need for Speed? Track driving. Hey, why the heck not? You only live once. And one of the secrets to becoming a top-notch driver? Passing. But it’s not as easy as it looks on TV. Practice and skill are required and, not to mention, a good teacher. That’s where Motor Trend’s own in-house pro racing driver, Randy Pobst, comes in.

The multi-year winner of the SCCA World Challenge GT is here to give everyone a tutorial on the art of passing other drivers. No, this knowledge isn’t to be used during Costco runs (well, legally speaking) but passing is a must-have track skill.

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