How To Beat A Ferrari F12 On The Drag Strip In A BMW


This is one way do it.

Even a BMW as powerful as the M6 is no match for the 730-hp V12-powered Ferrari F12. So when it come to crossing swords on the drag strip, the only way the boys from Bavaria have a chance of taking down the men from Maranello is a good old fashioned engine tune. In this case, the M6 received a PP-Performance RS800 power kit giving it a meaty 800 hp to play with. As you will see, that was just enough for the Bimmer to cross the one-kilometer line quicker than the Fezza.

The tuned M6 also comfortably dealt with a custom Audi S6 and a 550-hp BMW M4. For the record, the Ferrari F12 took 21.251 seconds to reach the one-kilometer mark, hitting the quarter-mile in 12.186. But the 800-hp M6 managed the same distances in 20.648 and 11.73 seconds. In short, Germany 1 0 Italy.

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