How To Bring A Crashed Koenigsegg Back From The Dead

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And bring some friends for the ride.

A super rare Koenigsegg CCXR that crashed in Johannesburg, South Africa about four years ago has now been spotted again cruising the country's streets. However, not only does it appear as if this gorgeous Koenigsegg has been fully restored, but it also had some supercar company on the road. The CCXR was flanked by not one, but two Lamborghini friends, a Murcielago Roadster and a Murcielago LP640. This particular CCXR underwent intensive repairs in order to be restored to its once former glory.

The owner was quoted a staggering $500,000 by Koenigsegg for the repairs. Extensive work was done to the car at Bailey Cars in Johannesburg including plenty of body work and complete re-manufacturing of the windshield, suspension and radiator. Unfortunately, the destroyed carbon fiber was replaced with fiberglass, but this certainly doesn't take away from the fabulous restoration work on this beautiful hypercar. Thanks to Zero2Turbo for forwarding us the pics of this awesome sighting.

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