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How To Build A Supercar From A Subaru

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We mean: build yourself.

A leader in creating kit car replicas of Shelby Cobras and Daytonas, Factory Five began with vintage replicas when it was established back in 1995. But performance often didn't match the looks of the cars. With the 818, Factory Five looked to move beyond entry cars and into the world of supercars. Named after the car's target weight of 818 kg, supercar performance from the 818 was distilled from taking Subaru running gear and housing it in a lightweight frame and sleek body.

Using either a standard Impreza or a more potent WRX with optional tuning on top, the 818 can clock 0-60 mph in the high threes. And the best is that you can build it yourself: that's something you don't often say about a supercar.

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