How To Build Your Dream Car Out Of Fiberglass When You Can't Afford A Supercar


This 27-year-old Chinese man just did.

Clearly not everyone has the privilege in life to be able to afford their dream cars. Whether it's a supercar or any other car, budgets are often an issue. But this 27-year-old Chinese man, Cheng Yanski, took matters into his own hands and built from scratch his dream machine. And what does Cheng do for a living? He works at a glass factory. From his own workshop, he sketched out the design and then custom built the frame from galvanized piping. The body is made entirely from fiberglass. The engine?

A small electric motor that only allows the car to reach a top speed of 25 mph. No one ever said this was a supercar; it only looks like one. So how much did the entire thing cost? 30,000 yuan, or about $5,000. Not so surprisingly, the car isn't road legal because it doesn't meet Chinese safety standards (apparently there are some). There's also a law stating that the government must approve all automakers who want to sell in China. Cheng obviously doesn't meet that requirement either. But damn, this is one hell of an impressive design job.

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