How To Do A Sick Burnout In Front Of The Cops & Get Away With It

Smooth move buddy.

We’ve seen some sweet burnouts in Mercedes C63 AMGs, but this is definitely one of our favorites. This guy delivers some great exhaust notes before initiating a nice burnout in an English parking lot. The crowd around the car seemed to really enjoy watching the C63 putting rubber to the road. In fact, it was so impressive that onlooking lady cops in attendance didn’t seem too interested in booking the driver. After watching him send up massive smoke signals, the cops simply warn him not to speed.

Once the driver practically received a free pass he took advantage and pulled out of the parking lot to do a small drift in the middle of the road before speeding off. Although his behavior was totally wreckless, we applaud his ability to bend the rules of the road in his favor with the local authorities.

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