How To Do Revs In The World's Ugliest Lamborghini

All show and no go?

We’ve seen some crazy car customizations in our day ranging from subtle and tasteful modifications all the way to the flashy and downright extreme. This guy’s ridiculous looking Lamborghini is definitely on the extreme end of the spectrum. When we first came across this atrocious leopard print Lamborghini a few months ago we couldn’t believe our eyes. We were at a loss for words and just didn't understand why on Earth someone would take such a beautiful car and do something so terrible to it.

Some might think this is cool, but we think that what was done to this Lamborghini is just cruel. This is straight up car abuse. Be that as it may, this is one of those things that is so bad that we can’t look away from it. So without further adieu we present to you the Worlds Ugliest Lamborghini firing off exhaust notes from a stupid 6-foot long exhaust.

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