How To Drift Like A Wild Man In A LaFerrari


This is how it was meant to be driven.

There's driving a LaFerrari and then there's really driving a LaFerrari. This video is a perfect example of the latter. To say we're a little jealous of the fun this guy is having is a ridiculous understatement. We are boiling with envy. As this mean looking black LaFerrari takes a hard turn on some Italian country roads, a tractor can be seen passing by just before he begins to let it rip. We love the contrast between the tractor and the hypercar, the perfect slide, the sound of the Ferrari and the peoples reactions.

We just love everything about this video and could watch it again and again. In fact, we're sipping 50 year old brandy in the Carbuzz office right now as this video plays on loop on a giant screen with Carl Orff's "O Fortuna" in the background at maximum volume. Yea.

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