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How to Go From Stupid to Convict Faster Than You Can Say Cayenne

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Man ditches stolen Porsche, then hides from police in a Target restroom.

You might say that the one thing Trevor M.Onar had going for him was having some balls. But when you picture the guy hiding from police in a bathroom stall in Target, it's hard to even give him that. The 23-year-old went into a Porsche dealership in Fisher, Indiana, last week and stole a brand-new Cayenne SUV from right under an employee's eyes. He then hit another employee in the parking lot, before speeding off onto the road. But that didn't last very long.

Onar was spotted by a police patrol, and abandoned the Porsche in a Target parking lot. Officers later found the man cowering in the store's bathroom. He was arrested and charged with auto theft, battery with a deadly weapon and resisting law enforcement, in addition to several past crimes he was wanted for.

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