How To Graffiti A Little Electric Bimmer Like A Boss

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This guy has got skills.

French artist Sebastien "Mr.D" Boileau is a veteran graffiti artist with a resume chock-full of impressive projects. One of his most recent art pieces that really caught our attention is his awesome work on a BMW i3 Art Car. The little five-door electric Bimmer is BMW's first mass-produced zero emissions vehicle. The US version of the car has a range of 81 miles per charge which can be extended to 150 miles with BMW's optional range-extending 170 hp gas engine. The i3 is an ideal city car and Mr. D's graffiti makes it stand out perfectly in an urban setting.

The artist absolutely covered the little hybrid Bimmer in bright colored paint in his signature style using plenty of graffiti cans and paintbrushes. The BMW i3 art car is officially up for sale or lease and all of the proceeds from will be given to the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts' Children's Hospital Mural Project.

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