How To Hoon It Like A Lunatic In A Mean Mercedes CL63

Was this reckless?

There’s nothing we love to see more than a badass German luxury sports coupe doing what it does best by hooning around a public road in Monaco. This Mercedes CL63 AMG spotted in Monaco gave us a beautiful sample of what this gorgeous German car is capable of. Not only does it look great, but it also sounds like an absolute beast. However, as much as we love to see these sorts of cars doing exactly what they’re made to do, we’re also big fans of keeping things safe and not endangering anyone for the sake of a little fun in a car.

One thing that had us clenching our teeth during this CL63 hoonin session, was how close this guy came to some of the onlookers when doing some burnouts. It probably would have been best to begin the insane hoonage at a safer distance from the crowd and oncoming traffic. Even the slightest miscalculation could have potentially caused some serious injury.

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