How To Hoon It Like A Nutcase In The 1,000 HP Jaguar C-X75

Leave it to the pros.

In the build up to the US debut of the new James Bond movie, "Spectre", on November 6th, we’ve seen plenty of awesome sneak previews and test drives of the film's spectacular vehicles. In fact, just last week we saw an awesome overview of the bad guy cars thanks to the guys at XCAR. One of the rides featured was the absolutely awesome 1,000 hp hybrid-electric supercar concept. However, one issue with that test drive was that they were not allowed to drive the C-X75 over 30 mph. Not to worry though.

Now, thanks to F1 driver Felipe Massa of Williams Martini Racing, who got behind the wheel of the C-X75 in Mexico City, we have some amazing insights and footage into what it’s like to really push the ferocious Jaguar concept like it was meant to be driven. Shame it'll never reach production.

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